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The export of FEZ Minsk residents in 2020 amounted to almost $ 1.5 billion

In 2020, despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic, the export of the FEZ Minsk residents increased by 11% and amounted to $1.468 billion.

Compared to 2019, production of industrial products increased by 15% (up to Br4.512 billion), sales revenue by 20% (up to Br4.790 billion), investment in fixed assets by 19% (comparable prices up to Br272 million), direct foreign investment on a net basis by 3.7 times (up to $ 68 million).

In conditions of the crisis caused by the pandemic, the FEZ Minsk residents worked with a net profit of Br 217.3 million (233.6 in 2019). 397 million rubles of taxes, fees and payments were paid to the budget and off-budget funds. This is 18% more than in 2019.

The average monthly wages of employees in organizations-residents of the FEZ increased by 13% (up to Br1517).

In 2020, 1001 people were accepted for additional jobs by residents of the FEZ Minsk. The average number of employees of all resident companies of the FEZ Minsk is 24,627 employees.

In the future, the development of the FEZ Minsk will be carried out through the implementation of investment projects by both existing and new residents of the FEZ Minsk. In perspective - the implementation of projects in the field of mechanical engineering, instrumentation and green technologies.

For reference:
Since March 2, 1998, FEZ Minsk has contributed to attracting more than $2 billion in investments, exporting goods of own production by FEZ Minsk to the sum exceeding $12 billion, and creating more than 26,000 new jobs.
45 modern plants were built and reconstructed on the territory of the FEZ Minsk, and the necessary engineering infrastructure was created.
Today, the activities of the companies of the FEZ Minsk cover various areas of production. The main ones are mechanical engineering and metalworking, automotive, production of building materials, electronics and printing.