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Taking care of your health: new antibacterial coating of ALUTECH aluminium profiles

ALUTECH Group of Companies always cares about the health of its consumers, as well as strives to provide its Partners with additional competitive advantages through unique solutions. One of them is a new powder coating of aluminium profiles with an antibacterial effect.

The innovative ALUTECH biocoating developed by AkzoNobel:

- Meets all decorative and operational characteristics of standard AkzoNobel powder coatings (Grades 1 and 2).

- Provides additional permanent (24 hours/day, 7 days/week) protection for the surface of products (windows, doors, interior partitions) from the rapid growth of bacteria.

Biocoating is available for the entire series of profile systems (window, door, interior, lift-and-slide, folding panoramic and facade structures), as well as fittings. Its antibacterial effectiveness has been tested in laboratory and certified by AkzoNobel.

Source: https://alutech-group.com/en