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Resident companies registered in 2021

5. CJSC "GBK-Silk Road" (Investments: Belarus) 
Investment project: “Creation of a logistics hub for the production and supply of products within the Silk Road”.

4. LLC "SEM HOLMOV LOGISTICS BEL" (Investments: Belarus) 
Investment project: “The construction and maintenance of a production and logistics complex”.

UE "MINSKINTERCAPS" (Investments: Belarus)
Investment project: “Development of the production of medicines at the “MINSKINTERСAPS”. 

2. LLC "Altowatt" (Investments: Ireland)
Investment project: "Construction and maintenance of the power-processing facilities to optimize the energy consumption of industrial consumers-residents of the FEZ " Minsk".

1. LLC "Glivi-invest" (Investments: Belarus)
Investment project: "Manufacture of products of small architectural forms from natural stone".