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resident companies registered in 2020

16. LLC "Blank Labels" (Belarus). Registered on 3.12.2020. 
Production of marking and logistics label products and printed shrink packaging products.

15. LLC "MKtrade" (Belarus). Registered on 13.11.2020.
Production of metal elements for
fences and roofs.

14. LLC "BAZISPRO-GROUP" (Belarus). Registered on 16.10.2020.
Construction of a plant for production of aluminum spacers for translucent enclosing structures. 

13. "EnCata" Ltd. (Belarus). Registered on 14.10.2020.
Creation and development of Science and Technology Park EnCata to provide services to technology startups.  

12. "Prilesie Logistic", Ltd. (Iran). Registered on 30.09.2020.
Construction of transport and logistic complex "Prilesie".

11. PUE "Classic trans" (Belarus). Registered on 10.07.2020.
Production of foamed polystyrene permanent formwork. 

10. KPSR Group, Ltd. (Belarus). Registered on 08.07.2020.
Production of regulation equipment for petrochemical industry as well as conventional and nuclear energy technologies. 

9. "Superpack Company", Ltd. (Belarus). Registered on 18.06.2020.
Production of paper packaging.

8. LLC "PIK KUB" (Belarus). Registered on June 10.
Production of structures and products made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

7. "Zaslavskiye kraski" LLC (Belarus). Registered on May 11.
Production of special paint materials for road markings.

6. "Bkt" construction, Ltd. (Poland-Cyprus). Registered on April 08.
Production of constructions and packaging. 

5. ZVKONT, Ltd. (Belarus). Registered on March 20.
Production of containers. 

4. LLC "VIP Engineering" (Belarus). Registered on March 02.
Production of modular buildings.

3. LLC "Emfil Air" (Belarus). Registered on February 05.
Production of innovative equipment and air filtration systems.      
BEL-DOZER, Ltd. (Belarus)

Investment project: production of a wide range of specialized technical equipment for excavation, construction and transportation works.

1. . Registered on January 14. Techno-Express (Belarus-Russia)
Investment project: production of electric equipment for locomotive traction passenger cars.