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Preferential conditions of FEZ Minsk continue to prove their effectiveness

The free economic zone Minsk is one of the most favorable preferential conditions for investors in Belarus.

Currently, 112 companies operate here. And this is not only Belarusian investments, but also capital from Russia, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia, China and other countries.

The efficiency of work at FEZ Minsk is confirmed by recent statistics, which demonstrate a positive result of the resident companies work.

In the period January-September 2021, residents of FEZ Minsk attracted Br 237.7 million of investments in fixed assets, which is 58% more than in the same period last year.

Compared to 9 months of 2020 this year, the revenue of residents from the sale of goods, works, services increased by 46.3% (to Br 4 billion 871mn), the volume of production increased by 54.4% (to the amount of Br 4 billion 708 million), revenue of taxes and fees in the budget increased by 23.7% (Br 351.7 million).

FEZ "Minsk" residents for 9 months of 2021 exported products in the amount of 1,388.8 million US dollars. The main sales markets are Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Poland, Lithuania, China, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.

Free economic zone "Minsk" - the right move in business development. Join us!