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FEZ "Minsk" and the Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region signed a cooperation agreement

On December 14, within the framework of a business visit to the Leningrad region of the Minsk region delegation, the head of the FEZ "Minsk" administration Anatoly Buben and the director of the Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region Anastasia Mikhalchenko signed a cooperation agreement.

The parties fixed in the document the promising areas of cooperation in the new economic realities.

“In the current economic conditions, we are considering new forms of cooperation, including on import substitution. This agreement is aimed at expanding activities for the development of industrial cooperation and investment with our key partner - the Russian Federation, in particular with the Leningrad Region," said Anatoly Buben, head of the FEZ Minsk administration.

A large business program is also planned during the visit. Within two days, the Belarusian delegation will visit a number of industrial and agricultural enterprises of the Leningrad region, the Greenstate industrial park, cultural and educational institutions of the region.