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How to become a FEZ Minsk resident

Any Belarusian and/or foreign legal entity and/or individual entrepreneur can be a resident of Free economic zone Minsk in case it is registered by the FEZ Minsk Administration in the established order and its legal address is in the FEZ Minsk territory.

In order to become a resident of Minsk free economic zone you should:  

-          Present your investment proposal to FEZ Minsk Administration; 

-          Get the approval of Administration and agree on the location of your production in Minsk FEZ territory; 

-          Develop your investment project business plan with a total investment of not less than 1 million euro*; 

-          Prepare and submit to Minsk FEZ Administration all necessary documents; 

-          Pass the registration as a FEZ Minsk resident and conclude an agreement on conditions of activity in Minsk FEZ. 

* the declared investment volume for investment project implementation can be less than 1 million euro (but not less than 500 thousand euro), provided investments are carried out within 3 years from the date of conclusion of an agreement on conditions of activity in Minsk FEZ. 

All the documents are filled in and written in Russian.  

The documents are reviewed by Minsk FEZ Administration within (but not longer than) 14 working days. 

In case all documents are correct according to the legislation, the applicant is sent a draft agreement on conditions of activity in Minsk FEZ. The applicant should sign the agreement within 5 days from the date of its receipt (but not later than 1 month from the date of its sending). 

The agreement is concluded for the period necessary for the investment project implementation that is stipulated in the business-plan. 

After signing of the agreement by both sides the applicant acquires the status of the FEZ Minsk resident and gets a certificate of registration as a FEZ resident issued by the administration on behalf of the state.

N.B. In order to benefit from the use of tax and customs incentives be sure your project implementation presupposes export of manufactured goods outside the Republic of Belarus boundaries or selling them to other residents of Belarusian FEZs.

N.B. Minsk FEZ Administration is empowered to carry out the state registration of a legal entity and (or) individual entrepreneur, in case it is going to perform its activity in the territory included into Minsk FEZ boundaries and become a Minsk FEZ resident later on.