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FEZ Minsk Administration registered a new resident

May 10, 2019 a new company Brinotex, Ltd. has been registered as a resident of free economic zone Minsk. The company with investments from Russia plans to implement in the territory of free economic zone Minsk the investment project for production of anticorrosion treatment of pipes and other metal structures with modern methods and materials.

Anticorrosion treatment of metal pipes with modern materials and methods allows to increase the lifespan of pipes and improve their mechanical properties, to protect against the penetration of moisture, influence of temperature and various aggressive media.

Internal anticorrosion treatment of pipes is particularly relevant for gas and oil pipelines. As a result of this treatment, the throughput capacity of pipes increases that results in considerable savings for product pumping.

The new project is going to be implemented in Molodechno city, the FEZ Minsk territory.