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Fanipol - the territory of new productions

One of the areas included into Free economic zone Minsk territory is the area of Fanipol city. The city of Fanipol is situated 23 kilometers far from Minsk, 20 minutes ride by car.

The site №10 comprises 604,4 hectares of land and has a great potential for new productions. There are many free Greenfield sites (more than 50 plots of land sized from 1,2 ha to 11,2 ha) ready for construction of new plants and brownfield sites ready for rent for implementation of new investment projects in the territory of Minsk FEZ .

There is partially made engineering infrastructure necessary for projects launch, the network of roads and a big railway line passing through Fanipol city with the possibility to build branch railway lines up to an enterprise territory.

In 2019-2020 it is envisaged to design a new electricity supply station and build a high-pressure gas pipeline to provide gas supply.

Nowadays 6 companies-residents of FEZ Minsk already carry out their production activity in Fanipol. Among them such big companies as STADLER MINSK (production of trains), Amkodor Elastomer (one of the leading manufacturers of rubber goods in Belarus), FERROLI (production of heating and climatic equipment), GIDROMASHSERVICE (production of pipe equipment).

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