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Project requirements

In order to implement a project in The Free Economic Zone “Minsk” it is required for it to meet the following conditions:

  • It is relevant and complies with the FEZ foundation and activity goals and objectives, it complies with the priorities of social-economic state’s policy.
  • The declared amount of investment in the implementation of the investment project of a legal entity applying for registration as a resident of a free economic zone (hereinafter referred to as the FEZ) must amount to an equivalent of at least EUR 1 million or an equivalent of at least EUR 500,000, investment in the said volume within three years from the date of the conclusion of the agreement on the conditions of activity in the FEZ.
  • The location of the production zone is within the boundaries of the FEZ “Minsk”

A legal entity regardless of the ownership form, founded by Belarusian and (or) foreign legal entities and (or) individuals can became a FEZ “Minsk” resident.