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The management body in the territory of the free economic zone "Minsk" is the state institution "Administration of the Free Economic Zone "Minsk" (administration of the FEZ "Minsk"), which registers residents of the FEZ.

The work of the administration of the FEZ "Minsk" is organized on the principle of "one window", which greatly simplifies the process of creating enterprises in the FEZ "Minsk". Having the necessary powers and opportunities, the administration of FEZ "Minsk" provides investors with all-round assistance in the selection of production areas and land, preparation of the infrastructure necessary for production.

The main functions of the administration of the FEZ "Minsk":

  • advising on the preparation of the project and throughout the operation of the enterprise;
  • study and evaluation of investment proposals;
  • state registration of business entities and registration as residents of the FEZ "Minsk";
  • conclusion of agreements with residents of the FEZ "Minsk" on the terms of business;
  • representation of the residents of the FEZ "Minsk" in the government;
  • advising potential residents on the terms of carrying out activities in the territory of the FEZ "Minsk"
  • implementation of advertising and information activities in the Republic of Belarus and abroad to highlight the conditions for conducting investment and entrepreneurial activities in the free economic zone and attracting foreign and national investors;
  • Structure of FEZ Minsk Administration:

    Head of Administration
    907 tel. +375 17 335 28 87
    Reception 907 tel/fax+375 17 327 46 96
    1st Deputy Head of Administration Aksana Kozlenko 901B   tel. +375 17 335 28 51
    Deputy Head of Administration Piotr Filipovich 908 tel. +375 17 335 29 51
    Deputy Head of Administration on Construction Questions Alexander Avgustinovich 902A tel. +375 17 237 74 62
    Accounting Department Inesa Radkevich 901Б tel. +375 17 335 28 86

    Head of legal work and
    Investment projects Department

    Roman Lechko 909Б tel. +375 17 335 28 37
    Department of Capital Construction Anatoli Shamko 904Б tel. +375 17 335 28 36 
    tel. +375 17 335 28 85
    Head of Department of Economic Development Forecast 
    and Control of Contract Obligations
    Svetlana Derabina 901А tel/fax +375 17 335 28 54
    Documents Department Aksana Shrubok
    904А tel. +375 17 335 28 53